Product Placement Made Easy!

BrandedPlacement is a Product Placement Advertising marketplace connecting Content Creators with Brands & Agencies.

BrandedPlacement enables scripted video Content Creators to offer biddable Product Placement Opportunities (PPO’s) to Brands & Agencies

The BrandedPlacement platform delivers

  • Targeted engaged audiences for Brands & Agencies

  • Integrated monetization for Content Creators

Connected consumers are now in charge of what, when, where, shifting media consumption to the Web. Social feeds are the new broadcast networks. Video advertising pre-rolls are intrusive and native advertising “disguised” placement formats remains deceptive to consumers.

Product Placement, amplified by endorsements and social sharing, delivers higher brand recall than pre-rolls, while three-quarter of consumers acknowledge a connection with purchasing decisions.

We are technologists …

… and serial entrepreneurs with over 15 years of advertising technology experience respectively, with companies such as (Overture), Infospace (Verizon), Microsoft (Bing Ads), Altavista (Yahoo!), AOL, Omnicom Programmatic.

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